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International Corporate Agents (Belize) Limited offers a full range of offshore services at the same time providing efficient and personalized service.

Our aim is to focus on your needs as a client and provide offshore services in a cost effective manner.

Due to modern and computerized IBC Registry, the process of Incorporation of Belize Offshore Companies is very simple and takes approximately one or two days.

Client confidentiality, discretion and protection is our main priority.

Advantages of Belize jurisdiction:

  • Belize IBC is not subject to any tax on income or profits.

  • Strict privacy laws.

  • No requirement to have the meeting of shareholders or directors held in Belize.

  • No regular holding of Annual General Meeting.

  • Belize has the fastest IBC Registry in the world.
  • There are no requirements of a minimum paid up capital.

  • Offshore activities are free from foreign exchange control.

  • Easy procedure of transferring IBC's to and from jurisdiction of Belize.

  • Excellent communications. Belize is easily accessible by sea and air and has wide telecommunication.


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